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    Featured This Week: Shahr Salon & Wellness

    By: Brittany Nicole La Hue


    One of West Hollywood’s newest health and wellness sites (opened in May 2012), Shahr is more than a salon and more than a fitness center – it’s a state of mind. The word “Shahr” is an Aramaic word that means “To prepare oneself for a sacred event.” The founders of Shahr, Israel and Francisco, believe in fusing the physical body with spiritual enlightenment, and discovered that they could open a store to unify beauty, health and peace. While the two men believe that people have to work to nurture their souls, Shahr is a place to help them achieve this goal.

    The creation of physical beauty is manifested at Shahr’s salon. Men and women alike can receive haircuts, color, highlights, bleaching, color correction, blow-dry, styling, up-dos, Japanese straightening and extensions. Although the salon’s main focus on hair, the experts are also available for make-up applications.

    Once you look beautiful, it’s time to feel beautiful. Wellness sessions include yoga, power stretch & sculpting, energy healing sessions, crystal healing sessions, massages, acupressure & clairvoyant reading, community & private meditations and tarot readings.

    In the Hindu religion, people use yoga not just for exercise but as a tool for mental, physical and spiritual discipline. Regular practice of yoga has been shown to strengthen the core; heal back, knees, shoulder and neck pain; relieve anxiety; provide quality sleep; increase energy levels; increase and regulate metabolism; reduce heart rate and blood pressure and improve circulation. From beginners to experts, the yogis at Shahr have something for you. You can choose to participate in group classes or schedule a private yoga session, and choose from either Hatha yoga or Primal Core yoga.

    On Tuesdays and Thursdays, personal trainer Francisco Ramos teaches Sculpt & Tone. You’ll participate in cardio and light weights to lose weight and gain confidence. Power Stretch & Sculpting is a group class.

    People have been getting massages for over 2 millenniums. And no wonder – not only do massages feel amazing, but they help increase blood circulation, boost immunity, relieve tension and stress, decrease blood pressure, pain and anxiety and prevent depression. Shahr offers eight different styles and technique of massage to make you feel your best: Swedish massage, deep-tissue, trigger point, myofascial release, sports, reflexology, passive joint mobilization and pre/post natal.

    Chinese and Native American cultures have traditionally used crystals to heal the body’s energy. They believe that blocked energy within someone leads to physical ailments, which interfere with the person’s optimal flow. In order to remedy this, crystals are placed strategically on the body to remove toxicity – the stones are believed to absorb the stagnated energy and allow one’s energy to flow freely again.

    Acupressure is a 5,000-year-old traditional Chinese remedy for ailments. The theory is that using the fingers to gradually press key healing points, the body’s natural self-corrective properties are activated, and energy balances can be corrected. Acupressure can boost the immune system by releasing tension, increasing circulation, and reducing sinus pressure, migraines, lock jaw, morning sickness, nausea, cancer-related fatigue, motion sickness, menstrual cramps, headaches and muscle pain. After your session, be sure to get a clairvoyant reading from the Shahr specialist to help your mind as well as your body.

    Shahr is located at 9053 Nemo Street in West Hollywood.

    Call 424.245.4666 to make an appointment or visit www.shahrla.com.