About Our City

West Hollywood is proud to have served as the location for countless films and television productions. Home of the legendary Lot (formerly Pickford-Fairbanks Studios), West Hollywood has been in the movie business since the early days of silent film and continues to be a popular filming location today—our film locations itinerary lists a small selection of the many film and television projects that have called West Hollywood home! The city is just 1.9 square miles in size but is loaded with character, street culture, and a wide range of architectural styles, from classic Sunset Strip art deco to some of the most ambitious modern buildings in the greater metropolitan area. West Hollywood, located in the heart of Los Angeles, is also a convenient base camp for filming in Beverly Hills, Mid-City, Hollywood and the Hollywood Hills.

Film West Hollywood

Film West Hollywood promotes filmmaking in the City of West Hollywood to advance economic development and civic pride and to increase awareness of West Hollywood as a vibrant, beautiful and culturally diverse city. Our services include marketing West Hollywood to the film industry, providing film location business referrals, and booking hotel accommodations and wrap parties. For more information on filming in WeHo, including a location directory, permit info, rentals, filming fees and wrap parties, please visit Film West Hollywood