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  • Official Guide to West Hollywood

    • Law Society Journal- November 2014

      2014-12-09 14_44_23-November 2014 Law Society Journal.pdf - Adobe ReaderLos Angeles is a city full of surprises. An urban wonderland wedged between an ocean, mountain ranges, lakes, rivers and national parks, it’s distinct cultural pockets boats some of the best food, architecture, music and the arts in the US. Love it or hate it, the City of Angels continues to surprise.

    • Woman’s Day New Zealand- November 2014

      Five Great Reasons to Love West Hollywood!2014-12-09 14_40_45-November 2014 Womans Day.pdf - Adobe Reader

    • Traveller- November 2014

      Journalist Julie Miller experiences LA in a day on a bike!2014-12-09 12_32_52-November 2014 Traveller.pdf - Adobe Reader

    • Sun Herald- November 2014

      2014-12-09 12_31_21-November 2014 Sunday Herald Sydney.pdf - Adobe ReaderJulie Miller takes on LA in a day, attempting to ride from the Hollywood Hills to the the sea on a bicycle!

    • Western Arts and Architecture

    • Rock ‘n’ Roll Landmarks on the Sunset Strip

    • Chicago Tribune

      As one local puts it, “People go to Hollywood to see the handprints. When people think of what they see on TV — reality shows, the glamour, ‘Entourage’ — that’s West Hollywood.”
      As its name suggests, West Hollywood is bounded on the east by Hollywood. Packed into 1.9 square miles, it’s a city unto itself. Literally. Though it has a long and colorful history, tracing its beginnings to the late 1800s and becoming the playground for Hollywood types back to the ’20s, it didn’t become a city until it was carved out of the unincorporated Los Angeles area in 1984.

    • Sydney Morning Herald

      The Big Six – Hipster Hotels in Los Angeles

    • Passport Magazine

      Gay wedding bells are ringing in West Hollywood, and hundreds of ceremonies have been performed in the days since same sex marriage resumed in California in late June. To assist couples hoping to tie the knot in the most LGBT-friendly city in the world, Visit West Hollywood has prepared a guide to West Hollywood weddings (available at www.gogaywesthollywood.com) and is working with couples from around the country to make their wedding dreams come true.

      [ Link ]

    • HUSH Magazine

      Here’s what happened when I detonated my schedule for a little #rockstalgia and flew to LA for a VIP weekend at The Sunset Strip Music Festival in West Hollywood, the neighbourhood made infamous by some of history’s best bohemians and bad-asses. Moral of the story: Music is also a magnet, so when it comes to rock and roll, careful what you wish for; you just might get it! Drumroll, please…

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