About WeHo

Rebellious. Creative. Inspired.

West Hollywood is 1.9 square miles of rebellious and inspired culture, entertainment and design set in the heart of LA. It’s where rock & roll meets fashion, art merges with lifestyle and everyone is free to be different. Officially founded in 1984 as the 84th city in Los Angeles County, West Hollywood is a young, vibrant community with a colorful and entertaining past.

Today, West Hollywood is a top travel destination among the entertainment industry, jet set and LGBT global community. West Hollywood’s stylish hotels attract the well-traveled with their dedication to providing premium service and personalized experiences. The scene is densely packed into 1.9 walkable square miles, including a vast culinary landscape, The Sunset Strip’s notorious nightlife, designer flagships lining The West Hollywood Design District, celebrity hot spots, global annual events, premier spas and fitness, entertainment and much more.

West Hollywood is a place that’s proud to stand out. The progressive spirit and creativity of the people who live, work and play here has put West Hollywood at the leading edge of culture, entertainment and design.