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The Best Bloody Marys in West Hollywood

Because no brunch is complete without this savory staple cocktail

The Bloody Mary is a savory brunch staple, the foremost hair of the dog, and a drink so versatile you’ll find it’s done dozens of ways and garnished with everything from a single olive to sliders. At its core, it’s a spirit and tomato juice, but it’s the spices and the special touches that make hunting for your favorite a worthy journey. Here are some of West Hollywood’s best bloodies. 

Connie & Ted’s

Chef Michael Cimarusti’s ode to New England coastal eateries one of the best weekend brunch programs in town. Their Bloody is bloody famous, and like everything else on the menu, it’s made entirely in-house.  It starts with a bay leaf and celery-infused vodka, then spices and bright tomato add a tart kick. Paired with an open-faced crab cake sandwich or the decadent lobster omelet, it’s a hangover’s demise for certain.

Jones Hollywood

“Better ingredients from top to bottom makes a better drink top to bottom,” says Keith McCarthy, General Manager at Jones Hollywood.

Dirty Sue premium olive juice is the secret Bloody Mary ingredient that keeps Jones at the top of the LA’s best Bloody Marys lists.

“The whole reason Dirty Sue exists,” he continues, “is to be consumed as a cocktail ingredient, and, as such, far more care is invested in the quality of the juice and the consistency of the recipe. Dirty Sue lends a rich, savory flavor to a Bloody Mary. Oh, and the guy who invented it was the bar manager here for like 15 years. So … there’s that, too.”

Hamburger Mary’s

The Saturday and Sunday Drag Brunches are ample reason to pull yourself out of bed.  Their delicious, greasy burgers come with a comedic side of sass, and while you could partake in Bottomless Mimosas, we suggest at least one, truly classic Bloody Mary using their house-made mix.

The Butcher, The Baker, The Cappuccino Maker

Ultra-fresh ingredients and daily-squeezed citrus are key to making the world’s best craft cocktails. BBCM (as it’s affectionately known) sources seasonal produce from local farms. They’ve got a penchant for staying as organic and sustainable as possible, too, making them an outstanding option for a farm-fresh Bloody Mary. Their concoction comes piled high with a tiny ham-and-cheese sandwich on toasted bread, skewered alongside olives, pickles, a ripe tomato,  celery, and fresh lime wedges.

The Belmont

Their house Bloody Mary mix arrives at your table and the rest is up to you at their DIY Bloody Mary bar. You have your choice of spirits from gin to vodka, alongside spicy peppers, pickles, and herbs, fun garnishes, and plenty of citrus. Brunch is every Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

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