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10 of our Favorite Halloween Costume Ideas for 2018

Are you ready for this year's Halloween Carnaval?

Dinosaurs in WeHo - West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval 2017 - Photo by Jennifer Emery

Nowhere does it weird and wonderful quite like West Hollywood on Halloween night. If you’ve never been, the West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval is the ultimate place to spend a Los Angeles Halloween, and share in the revelry with hundreds of thousands of costumed attendees from all over the world.

West Hollywood is also a neighborhood with deep cinematic roots, from spotting A-list celebrities scouring the wares at Fred Segal to bumping elbows with reality television stars over brunch at Sur.

This year, we’ve rounded up a Top 10 countdown of our favorite characters from both television and the silver screen. Some people will have spent a year on their costumes, but you’ve still got plenty of time to prepare.

Watch Handmaid’s Tale on Hulu

No. 10 : The Handmaid’s Tale

Offred’s life is terrifying on this show. Ok, the whole show is terrifying. The costume, however, is easy. You’ll need a red robe, a pair of thick brown boots and a Puritan-era bonnet. You can find that on Amazon or easily make your own. This works best if you can gather a group of girlfriends to dress alike, walking down the street, muttering “under his eye.”

Image via Flickr BagoGames

No. 9 : Star Wars

If you have a brown leather jacket or vest in your closet, you’re halfway there for a solo performance of Hans Solo. It’s far more impressive to put in the effort, though, and arrive as Enfys Nest. You can purchase the spiked hood online, and the rest of the ensemble is a riot to create from household items. Think: foil for the arm blades, old auto parts and the front of an AM radio for the chest and some brown fur fabric for the shoulders. Best of all, it’s pretty easy to transform this into a Mad Max character if you have a party the night after.

Watch Riverdale on The CW

No. 8 : Riverdale

The 1950s was a weirdly sexy era. There’s also a dash of mystery in this show. It’s all ideal for Halloween. Grab a pushup bra and a tight pink sweater, ladies. Gents, it’s equally simple for you. You’ll need a crown, set askew, and a large S on your turtleneck. Don’t forget the hair gel and the headbands.

Marvel Studios’ BLACK PANTHER..L to R: Ayo (Florence Kasumba) and Okoye (Danai Gurira)..Ph: Film Frame..©Marvel Studios 2018

No. 7 : Black Panther

Black Panther was epic, from the incredible visual effects to the cultural impact of the storyline to the predominantly African American cast. It’s likely to be a big costume this year, and that’s why there are several options for the cyber-styled cat suits online. If you want to be a Wakandan Warrior, we suggest combining some silver arm bands and thick leather belts with beautiful, draped African textiles.

Watch Stranger Things on Netflix

No. 6 : Stranger Things

Be still our 1980s hearts. This second season only further solidified the crazy nostalgia factor of Stranger Things. It’s a coming-of-age tale. It’s a Stephen-King-worthy scare fest. It has monsters and government conspiracies and psychics and Winona. To be Eleven, you’ll need athletic socks to your knees, a blonde wig and a pink dress. Or, grab an axe, a striped shirt, some twinky lights and a poster with the alphabet written on it. This is the best role we’ve seen Ryder play.

Watch Game of Thrones on HBO

No. 5 : Game of Thrones

Oh, how far we’ve come. In the very first episode, the incest made us cringe. Now, seven seasons later, we are all hoping that Jon Snow ends up with his aunt–the Mother of Dragons. To play Daenerys, you’ll need a long blonde wig, a shimmery, flowing dress and three toy dragons to strap to your shoulders. Pro-Tip: Use adhesive Velcro strips. The Night King might require making an appointment at Sephora with one of their makeup artists, but it’s certainly worth it for the wow factor.

Image Courtesy FilmJabber

No. 4 : Donald Trump, Space Force or Ruth Bader Ginsberg

One of the biggest dramas of the year was actually the reality of the political landscape. From the release of RBG, a documentary celebrating our most famous Supreme Court Justice, to Donald Trump’s rants on Twitter to the proclamation of a new branch of the military–there hasn’t been a dull moment. Grab a friend, grab two ray guns and go as an Alien & a Space Force Commander. We foresee epic sidewalk laser tag games happening in West Hollywood.

© 2012 Focus Features

No. 3 : Wes Anderson

Bright, colorful, playful and bizarre, Wes Anderson’s characters are some of the best to mimic on Halloween. A red tracksuit is necessary for The Royal Tenenbaums, a tan Scout outfit and binoculars for Moonrise Kingdom or a wrinkled suit, strip of nose tape, head bandages and a necklace of marigolds will transform you into Owen Wilson in the Darjeeling Limited.

AMERICAN HORROR STORY: COVEN Bitchcraft – Episode 301–Pictured: (L-R): Jessica Lange as Fiona, Emma Roberts as Madison, Jamie Brewer as Nan, Taissa Farmiga as Zoe, Gabourey Sidibe as Queenie — CR. Michele K. Short/FX

No. 2 : American Horror Story

Every season of American Horror Story has been a spine-tingling, disgusting, dramatic romp through the things that scare us most. It’s also a treasure trove of ideas. Papa Legba from Coven is a great one for gentlemen. You’ll need a dusty top hat, a dreadlock wig, some gray face paint and a long black coat. Ladies, it’s pretty easy to put together a deranged nun costume, from Asylum. Freak Show could inspire you to be a carney character for a night.

© 2017 New Line Cinema

No. 1 : Pennywise the Clown from IT

The remake of Stephen King’s scariest character did not disappoint, with Bill Skarsgard proving that acting talent runs in the family. Pennywise might be a fairly easy costume to source (white face paint + orange, wispy wig + red balloon and dirty clown suit), but don’t expect to make too many friends. It landed at our No. 1 spot because people have a real, genuine fear of creepy clowns. It’s called Coulrophobia. In Greek, it translates to “one who goes on stilts,” and it’s been around a long, long time. Are you brave enough to look in the mirror?

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