Where to Revive Yourself After the Holidays

Holiday stress is legendary. Whether it’s in your shoulders thanks to your in-laws; in your stomach thanks to the extra slices of pie every evening; or in your mind thanks to the nine-hour drive in traffic, there’s a place in West Hollywood to help you get back to normal.

We rounded up the ultimate guide to fine-tuning yourself after the holidays—from spas to sweat lodges to major workouts.

Y7 Studio

Want a workout that also clears your mind? Look no further than Y7, a cutting-edge yoga studio that channels centuries of practice. They offer Vinyasa classes, combining mindful movement with your favorite high-energy songs from modern day, as well as private instruction and group workshops. The studio is strikingly sparse, filled with ambient light, dark floors and stark white walls. It’s nothing but a clean, invigorating hour of breath and body work with highly skilled instructors. Check out Y7

Shape House

Sweat is essential to health and humans have known this for centuries. In our modern day world, we often do not pay enough attention to it and its healing properties, from clearer skin and better sleep to fitness and detoxing. They offer the best explanation of their services, saying they help you sweat “in the smartest, quickest, most affordable, and most comfortable way you can.” Shape House uses FAR infared technology, warming you from the inside out, while you lay back and catch up on a few shows. Expect improved skin, lymphatic drainage, energy boosts and an overall uptick in how you feel. Check out Shape House

The Spa at Sunset Marquis

Full disclosure … you may have to battle a celebrity for an appointment here. However, if it’s an ultimate day of pampering you are after, this is one of the best options in America. The treatments are not only luxurious and largely organic-product-based, they are also unique. For example, you could opt for the Pipe Cleaner––a treatment focused on your airways, throat, chest and vocal chords. Or, bring your significant other along for a Couples Romance service that includes your own spa suite, dual aromatherapy massages and private rain shower built for two. Check out The Spa


Power Plate machines might sound gimmicky, until you try them. These large egg-shaped beds beneath you vibrate, forcing your core and secondary muscles to engage. You’ll achieve a burn in half the time you might in other classes. They offer barre and boot camp-styled courses, cellulite blaster classes (yeah, we all need those after the holidays) and even yoga-focused and stretching sessions. Check out Platefit

CT Nails III

Maybe you don’t need hours of relaxation, but simply a short pick-me-up. Stop in CT Nails III and feel free to bring along your dog. This pet-friendly nail salon has a full range of services, from a simple manicure to gel, acrylics, pedicures, paraffin treatments and silk wraps. They also specialize in Nail Art, so come with ideas to get creative. Check out CT Nails III

Basecamp Fitness

The best way to relieve stress is to exercise, even if it only takes 35 minutes. Basecamp Fitness is a fast-paced interval workout for all levels of fitness. The first class is free, which will entice you to at least try it once. Check out Basecamp

Hot Pilates

Ring in the new year with a new client special at $100 for one month unlimited sessions. They offer a wide range of classes and levels sure to get your sweat dripping. Check out Hot Pilates

Rise Nation

The first level 1 class is free which allows there to be no excuse for not trying it. This is a challenging class but after 2 or 3 sessions, you will get better adjusted to the equipment, leading to a more enjoyable experience. Check out Rise Nation

Looking for additional fitness and spa options? Check out more recommendations here.

Photo courtesy of Platefit Facebook Page. 

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