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A star chef. A talented mixologist. A prominent dodgeball guru. A bike-tour expert. These are just some of the diverse faces you’ll meet exploring West Hollywood, a dynamic city that’s proud to be a world-class tourism destination in sunny California. With top-notch restaurants, a thriving nightlife scene, leading hotels and incredible attractions and activities, life is good in WeHo. Take a peek inside our city through the eyes of notable movers and shakers with our virtual reality video. From Top Chef alum Dakota Weiss to design maven Mary Ta, our celebrated insiders take you on a virtual tour of their city where you’ll taste the best of West Hollywood, which just may inspire a future visit.

Virtual Tour


How to view the virtual reality video:

Take a 360-degree tour of West Hollywood by clicking on the video above to watch the West Hollywood overview segment. Make sure you scroll up and down and side to side to view all the details of the city. 

Next, click on the West Hollywood Insiders link on the left-hand, side menu to view the individual videos. Hover over the person whose video you would like to see and click to start the video. 

West Hollywood Insiders

The Taylors: Richi, Valerie, Mia and Rocco Taylor
WeHo Dodgeball: Jake Mason
Bikes and Hikes LA: Danny Roman
Estrella: Dakota Weiss
Minotti: Mary Ta
Now Boarding: Devon Espinoza

How to view the virtual reality video with Oculus Rift:

If you would like to use your Oculus Rift, click on the Virtual Reality tab at the top of the page for instructions on how to enable the virtual reality function. 

If you don’t have Oculus Rift, try the YouVisit Cardboard app on iPhone or Android

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