Jeff Consoletti

Episode 3

Producing Iconic Events: Jeff Consoletti and the Making of Pride

Jeff Consoletti, creative director and event producer, has worked on some of the most significant brand activations and events across the country, including the Super Bowl, Sundance, and Coachella. His expertise also extends to producing the LA PRIDE Festival for over a decade, and now his company JJLA is the creative team behind West Hollywood Pride and concert series OUTLOUD. Join us as we delve into Jeff’s journey in the events industry, learning from his experience and expertise in developing exciting events that resonate with audiences and communities. We’ll discuss his time in LA, how he plans and executes his productions, the challenges he faces and his vision for future events. Plus, we’ll get an exclusive look at WeHo Pride and what makes it such an exciting event for West Hollywood.

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WeHo Pride

Events happening throughout the month of June in West Hollywood.

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Creators of West Hollywood // Jeff Consoletti

Instagram: @jeffcons

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