Jeff Consoletti

Jeff Consoletti

Producer, West Hollywood Pride

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Jeff Consoletti found his way to West Hollywood from his native Boston 20 years ago and, in his words, “immediately became enveloped in the creative community.” As founder and CEO of the event production firm JJLA, Jeff is the creative powerhouse behind some of the city’s best-loved events, including LA Pride and OUTLOUD, a concert series he founded in 2019 to elevate queer voices. Now, Jeff is working his magic to unite activism with joyful celebration as producer of WeHo Pride.

Jeff was filmed at Heart WeHo and on Santa Monica Boulevard.

“West Hollywood is special. It has a lot of passion in its businesses, residents and the people who come here. It also has a whole lot of party. For Pride, it’s important to connect to that. As a gay man myself, that’s been something I’ve always wanted to connect my work to.”

Jeff Consoletti

“West Hollywood, for the LGBTQ community, means safety. It means love. I think it means home. It is a safe, loving space that connects everyone, whether you live here or whether you’re stopping into town just for a moment.”

“Music makes people happy. To identify and work with artists … that have a track record in the [LGBTQ] community has been really important. We have had the privilege to work with Madonna and Grace Jones and Lady Gaga and Justin Timberlake. But what’s equally exciting is working with new up-and-coming artists and seeing them evolve.”

“When we produce events, we try to engage all the senses. So it’s important to me that a fan that’s coming to our show is experiencing something from the time they walk in to the time they walk out.”

“To be able to bring a celebration and create something that also draws attention in a way that gets people talking about whatever the issue might be — whether it’s trans rights and protecting trans kids or protecting the drag community to really fighting for marriage equality or helping families adopt in an ethical manner — these have always been issues that should be at the forefront of Pride.”

“I think people decide to stay in West Hollywood because it’s safe, because it’s fun, because you feel this cool factor that you’re going to the place that you see on TV. But then you realize that it’s really a smart, kind, generous business owner that’s been operating that business for probably 30 years or more.”

“West Hollywood is the heart of L.A. because of its people, because of its activism, its voices, people that want to be heard, whether they’re having coffee or a cocktail. It is filled with vibrancy and people coming together to get things done.”

“West Hollywood has a story — whether it’s the queer community, the Russian community or immigrants. It gives L.A. its heartbeat.”

Jeff Recommends…

  1. The Sunset Tower. “I’m a martini drinker, so any place that can shake an icy cold martini is good by me. So I like to start classy. The Sunset Tower Hotel has been a longstanding place where you can find me nuzzled up to the bar.”
  2. Rocco’s and Heart WeHo. “I really love the community that businesses like Rocco’s and Heart have created in the epicenter of gay West Hollywood.”
  3. The Abbey. “The Abbey is a classic institution that has grown from this small business into this nationally recognized figure that everyone, when they come to L.A. or West Hollywood, wants to enjoy. That’s what West Hollywood allows you to do, just like me — start small and suddenly give yourself a voice on a national platform.”

Listen to an in-depth conversation with Jeff Consoletti on our Creators Podcast.

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