Tommy Black

Tommy Black

General Manager, The Viper Room

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Tommy Black found his way to West Hollywood during the rock ’n’ roll “gold rush” of the Guns ’N Roses era—and never looked back. As a musician, he regularly played gigs at The Viper Room and other iconic Sunset Strip bars, even touring with musicians like Scott Weiland. Now the general manager of The Viper Room, Tommy has had a front-row seat to the shifts and changes of The Strip over the last three decades. And while the posters have gotten smaller and the acts have grown much more eclectic, the beat goes on.

Tommy was filmed on The Sunset Strip at The Viper Room and Nightbird Studios at the Sunset Marquis Hotel.

“West Hollywood is basically the heart of L.A., and The Sunset Strip is the heart of West Hollywood.”

Tommy Black

“The Viper Room has a smell, a feeling and an air about it. It’s in this whole area. There’s soul in all these venues and all these alleys and streets.”

“You can get whatever you want, nightlife wise. It’s amazing. You can go to an EDM show if that’s your deal, or rock ‘n’ roll or hip-hop, whatever you’re into, it’s here. And it’s amazing.”

“There are special things going on here every day, really cool things. You’ve just got to come and experience it.”

Tommy Black is a musician and general manager of The Viper Room.

“On The Sunset Strip, there’s a soul, there’s a vibe here that’s palpable and it’s in everything. The Whisky, The Roxy, The Rainbow…there’s history here. It’s a special place.”

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