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Top Places for a Late-Night Bite in West Hollywood

West Hollywood is one of the best places to party after-dark in the world. From the amplifiers turned up inside the famous Viper Room to swanky parties by the glittering, rooftop pool at The London hotel, the word ‘curfew’ doesn’t exist in this city.

To keep the party going, plenty of restauranteurs offer extended their operating hours, serving everything from greasy cheeseburgers to authentic ramen. Here are a few places to enjoy Late Night Eats. Don’t forget that extra side of fries. It’s essential to staving off tomorrow’s hangover and to fueling more fun.


Monday to Thursday, you can eat until midnight and on weekend nights, Guisados is open until 3 a.m. They specialize in homemade braises, fresh-pressed corn tortillas and south-of-the-border, simple, traditional recipes. Grab an edible nightcap like the Quesadilla con Chorizo, with grilled queso, savory Chorizo and chipotle cream. Or, the Tinga de Pollo—a lighter, shredded chicken option, topped with salsa and avocado.

Barney’s Beanery

The Patty Melt is a thing of wonder at Barney’s Beanery, with grilled, buttery onions, an absurd amount of melted cheese and toasted marble rye. At the end of the bar, a small plaque reminds you, “Here sat Jim Morrison, poet, artist, legend.” We aren’t sure what he ate, but we do know they would have served him till the closing hour of 2 a.m.


A night out on the town calls for the Wakey Wakey from Kitchen24. The famous Wakey Wakey is two eggs any style, with two pancakes and your choice of protein, plus hashbrowns or breakfast potatoes. This kitchen is aptly named and serves 24-hours per day. The Bartenders Banquet, a breakfast quesadilla with a waffle was created to satisfy the craving for something sweet and something savory on the same plate.

Los Tacos

You can walk in this no-frills Santa Monica spot round-the-clock for massive plates of Mexican favorites. The No. 4 is a solid choice––a sauce-slathered enchilada plus one taco––but there are 15 other combo choices. Add to that another 16 burrito listings, and you might want to make sure you have your reading glasses with you when you visit Los Tacos.

Jones Hollywood

Stroll in any time prior to 1:30 a.m. and you can have a craft cocktail and an authentic, Italian supper. Jones somehow manages to nail a Rock-and-Roll image with a menu written by your elderly, Italian grandmother. The Spaghetti & Meatballs is served traditional, with melted mozzarella on the top, and a side of garlic bread. It goes great with a finisher of apple pie a la mode, one more glass of wine and an Uber straight to bed.

Daikokuya Ramen

Ramen is the ultimate, Japanese comfort food, and it will set you safely into a food coma at this noodle den that serves until midnight on the weekends. Daikokuya serves small and large carafes of both cold and hot sake, and a selection of sushi rolls and salads to get you started. Then move on to the main attractions, like Spicy Miso Ramen. This one has a house-made pork broth, a miso base, extra-fat noodles, sliced roasted pork and the additions of a hard-boiled egg, scallions and sesame seeds. In LA style, they have gluten free noodle substitutions, too.

Mel’s Drive-In

The West Hollywood location is the most photogenic, especially late at night, when the soft glow of the neon sign invites you into another era. This iconic diner has several locations, but the West Hollywood one is an ideal option for celebrity spotting. It’s consistently named a Best-Of in Los Angeles for late-night food, too. Head in anytime. Mel’s serves old fashioned milkshakes, double-crusted pies, chili burgers, club sandwiches, meatloaf and fully loaded hot dogs 24-hours-per-day.

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