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Essential Sushi in West Hollywood

Whether you’re a sushi connoisseur, looking for an approachable menu or want to taste the limits of the chef’s creativity, there’s somewhere in WeHo that will satiate your appetite. Just remember that most places are closed on Sundays (because the fish market is closed)!

Best Cheap Sushi – Niko Niko Sushi

Ginormous slices of raw fish. Crazy rolls to satisfy your hunger for Americanized sushi! House rolls 50% 24/7—yes, you read that right. No matter what time of day you’re hungry, unlike most sushi joints, this spot serves clear from lunch through late dinner.

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Best Traditional – Sushi Park

The most traditional kind of sushi you’ll find anywhere in WeHo, with none of the distractions, decor- or food-wise. (Okay, there *is* a TV screen, here.) Expect sashimi and nigiri at Sushi Park, and do order the omakase while minding the 5-dish minimum. Every piece melts deliciously on your tongue.

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Most Creative – Wa Sushi

Inventive and creative, the vibe is festive! The flavor and ingredient combinations are out of this world but oh, so rewarding. Feeling adventurous? Try dessert—apple pie sushi, with a layer each of baked apple, piecrust and eel underneath a brush of traditional, dark eel sauce. It’s not open for lunch, so save your appetite for dinnertime. Closed Monday, open Sunday.

Crowd Favorite – Ajisai

Affordable bento boxes are all the rage during lunchtime, while you’ll find its nighttime jazz playlist makes this a delicious yet charming getaway. Its most popular dish is spicy tuna on crispy fried rice cakes—tellingly fusion-fied. You’ll enjoy a manageable, if essential, variety of rolls on their menu.

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Best All-Around – Jinpachi

Strike a balance by visiting Jinpachi. Sample an awesome mix of traditional sashimi and sushi plus a few fusion components. You’ll find no-frills rolls and even spicy tuna and salmon here, but nothing should stop you from ordering the omakase for the freshest cuts of fish available behind the counter.

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