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West Hollywood’s Essential Sushi Bars

The best sushi spots for every type of sushi fan.

West Hollywood’s sushi options run the gamut, meaning sushi connoisseurs, neophytes and adventurers will all find a restaurant to sate their appetites. Just remember that because the fish market is closed on Sundays, many sushi spots are, too! 

Best Traditional – Sushi Park

The most traditional kind of sushi you’ll find anywhere in West Hollywood, with none of the distractions, décor- or food-wise (okay, there is a TV screen here). Expect sashimi and nigiri, and do order the omakase while minding the five-dish minimum. Every piece melts deliciously on your tongue.

Best Upscale – Sushi Ginza Onodera

Based in Tokyo and with just one other U.S. location, Sushi Ginza Onodera is the true definition of a destination dining experience. Like many sushi bars in Japan, the small, stripped-down dining room consists of one row of seats that deservedly put the attention on chef Yohei Matsuki, whose super-high-end omakase menu holds a coveted two Michelin stars.

Best Cheap Sushi – Niko Niko Sushi

At Niki Niko, find ginormous slices of raw fish and wild rolls to satisfy your hunger for Americanized sushi. 

Crowd Favorite – Ajisai

Affordable bento boxes are all the rage during lunchtime, and a jazz playlist makes this a deliciously charming getaway at night. The most popular dish is spicy tuna on crispy fried rice cakes, tellingly fusioned. You’ll enjoy a manageable, if essential, variety of rolls on their menu.

Best Fusion – Onizuka LA

This new-er kid on the block of WeHo’s sushi scene mixes traditional Japanese and Peruvian cuisines. The result is an explosion of creativity and flavor that is a welcome change from the usual go-to sushi rolls—think seared salmon with garlic puree, maldon salt, crispy onion and spicy aji limo sauce wrapped around blue crab, avocado and cilantro.

Most Diverse – Sushi Sachi

At Sachi Sushi, you’ll find all of your favorite traditional sushi and sashimi, as well as donburi and omakase. And for people who aren’t keen on sushi, the menu also includes udon noodle bowls, salads and tempura appetizers.

Celebrity Chef – Sa’Moto

From Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto comes this pan-Asian den of deliciousness on Doheny Drive. The sprawling menu combines hot and cold dishes, with mains that range from Vegetable Dan Dan Noodles to the spice-encrusted Angry Chicken…but you’re here for the sushi, right? Choose from sushi rolls or melt-in-your-mouth cuts of nigiri and sashimi, like hamachi or fatty tuna belly.

Best All-Around – Jinpachi

Strike a balance by visiting Jinpachi. Sample an awesome mix of traditional sashimi and sushi plus a few fusion items. You’ll find no-frills rolls, spicy tuna and salmon here, but nothing should stop you from ordering the omakase for the freshest cuts of fish available behind the counter.

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