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Mia Moretti

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A world-famous DJ, poet, fashionista and tastemaker, Mia Moretti landed her very first gig spinning records on The Sunset Strip. It wasn’t long before she made the world her stage. She has since collaborated with some of the most prestigious brands on the planet (think Dior and Louis Vuitton), performed everywhere from Paris Fashion Week to Chelsea Clinton’s wedding, and formed such a tight musical partnership with Katy Perry that she’s been called the pop star’s muse. Now, she’s come full circle back to the city she says taught her everything: West Hollywood.

Mia was filmed on The Sunset Strip at The West Hollywood EDITION, at the hotel’s rooftop penthouse and basement club, Sunset.

What’s so cool about the nightlife scene in West Hollywood is that it’s so different for everybody. There are so many different nooks and crannies that I have to leave it up to you to discover. But I will tell you that every door is open, and everyone is smiling, and that you will find something new around every bend.

Mia Moretti

“I think that being on a journey with the people in the room is such a beautiful part of my job, and one of the reasons why I can do it night after night without it ever getting old, because it’s always such a unique experience.”

“Searching for the b-side and searching for that funky song that people don’t know, but they have to dance to because it moves you… I want to find that in life, in music, in my city, in myself, everywhere.”

“You cannot walk down The Sunset Strip at night without knowing that you’re somewhere special, knowing that it’s somewhere with so much history, knowing the people that have been there. You feel those histories when you walk down The Strip, and that’s special. There are so few places in the world that you feel the ghosts of the discos that were here before us.”

Mia, pictured here at The West Hollywood EDITION, is also a published poet and author.

“West Hollywood welcomes you with open arms. And that brings out such a beautiful side of people, and of humanity. I think if more cities in the world were like that, maybe the world would be a nicer, safer place for everybody. But I know in West Hollywood that it is safe, it is warm, it is welcoming and it is home.”

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