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John Terzian

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A native of L.A., John Terzian grew up nostalgic for the supper-club sophistication of the Rat Pack era – when people dressed for dinner and “the piano was the center of the party.” His company, H.Wood Group, is now bringing that vibe back to West Hollywood for a new generation. Nightclubs like Delilah, Bootsy Bellows, Harriet’s and The Nice Guy have become supernovas — famous not only for their meticulous design and thickly glamorous atmosphere, but for the celebrities they attract on a near-nightly basis. So popular, they’re now being exported to cities as varied as Nashville and Dubai.

John was filmed at Delilah and the Sunset Strip.

“We started H.Wood group in Hollywood but about 12 years ago we realized that West Hollywood is everything that we stand for, so we moved our entire focus to being [here]. To this day, no matter where we go in the world, our home is West Hollywood, and we pay tribute to it.”

John Terzian

“I had this vision to do things in a different way, with this extreme attention to design that no one in L.A. was really doing. They were doing it a little bit more in Europe and London, but from what I could tell at the time no one was doing it here. So I got inspired to just do my own thing.”

“To this day, I basically build places for my friends and family, and their friends and family, and it kind of goes from there. It’s the best way to build each place.”

“I always say I think I should have been born in a different time. I have an affinity for the old school Rat Pack. What I loved about it was, that era really invented the true essence of the supper club-type vibe, which to me is the coming together of people, live music, food, socializing, all in one.”

“My partner on Bootsy Bellows is David Arquette, who was born and raised in Los Angeles as well. We created that nightclub — our first in West Hollywood. [David] is one of the most creative people that I’ve ever been around. His whole thing, just like mine, is pushing the limits and seeing how creative we can get with different concepts and ideas.”

“I think that all the cultural movements and everything creative that happens in Los Angeles starts in West Hollywood. I think it’s a city that has really harnessed that energy.”

“Since West Hollywood’s formation, it has cultivated and attracted the type of people that have paved the way with food and fashion and arts and hospitality.”

John Recommends…

  1. Sunset Tower is one of my favorite restaurants and hotels.”
  2. Dan Tana’s is a legendary restaurant that I love. It is true Rat Pack — you know, kind of old school.”
  3. “One of my favorite sushi places in the world is Sushi Park, which is in West Hollywood and is incredible.”

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