Kirk Myers

Kirk Myers

Founder/Owner, DOGPOUND

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A long and winding road led Kirk Myers to West Hollywood fitness fame. Born and raised in Kansas City, Kirk overcame obesity, addiction and heart failure at the age of 21 to become one of the most sought-after personal trainers in the country. In 2013, he began training the actor Hugh Jackman, who would bring his dog along to sessions — inspiring the name of Kirk’s gym, DOGPOUND. Though it’s best known as a hot spot for celebs looking to stay in top shape, for Kirk, the DOGPOUND is something greater: a community.

Kirk was filmed in the West Hollywood Design District at his gym, DOGPOUND.

“[In West Hollywood], you can walk down the street and wear whatever you want, be who you want to be. And people will high-five you for it. For being yourself and standing out.”

Kirk Myers

“I realized that through fitness, you can gain confidence much bigger than just your image or how you look. It’s really how you feel.”

“I started training Hugh Jackman, and he started inviting all of his friends to the workouts. He would invite people from where his kids went to school, all these other dads. So it’s this group of guys at all different levels, from all walks of life. You’d have a lawyer that hasn’t worked out in 10 years training with Wolverine.”

“Our purpose at the DOGPOUND is to change the world in our own way by making people feel more special than they already are.”

Kirk trains everyone from Grammy-winning musicians to Victoria’s Secret Angels at DOGPOUND.

“I feel like there is no better place than West Hollywood to be yourself and embody your own uniqueness. And have people that do the same and are aligned with the same values and purposes. So that’s why I’m here. That’s why I love West Hollywood.”

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