Walkable WeHo: Day Spa Tour

Tis the season—award show season, that is. It’s time for the stars to casually stroll down the red carpet in off-the-runway gowns and designer jewels, flaunting perfectly styled hair and radiant, glowing skin. Don’t get FOMO as you watch from the couch—you can get a celeb-like glow without spending a month (or a year’s, let’s be real) salary.

Check out the West Hollywood Spa Walk to discover the best spas to get the illuminated celeb-inspired look and feel year round.

Before you even start, you’re on the right track—the best way to increase radiance is to simply move your body with exercise, and walking is a great way to do that. Around here, we all walk—after all, WeHo is consistently dubbed a “Most Walkable City!”

Ready? Let’s go.

Start your Spa Walk at…

1. Sunset Plaza

8623 Sunset Boulevard
Breathe in and out—let go of any tension as take in colorful flowers, the buzzing outdoor cafes, and iconic California views.

Walk to the corner of Sunset Plaza and Sunset Boulevard (south side of the street) near Chin Chin restaurant.

Walk down the hill behind the buildings, to your left. You’re about to find a hidden secret alcove of relaxation destinations. Go to…

2. Aura Yoga

8608-A Sunset Boulevard
Practice at your own pace in this full-body and soul workout set to mindfully soothing music. They supply the yoga mats for a small rental fee, so just bring yourself! By now, your muscles are relaxed and your body is humming from all the stretching and breathing—Namaste. Ready for a foot massage?

Shake it out, walk out the door to your left to the…

3. Golden Ocean Chinese Foot Massage

8602 Sunset Boulevard Suite A.
Imagine an ancient monastery high in the Himalayas with trickling water fountains, soft lighting and massage beds. Step in for a fabulous foot massage at a fabulous price. If you need a pick-me-up or want to lose foot pain, head next door to the…

4. Metaclinic West Hollywood

8600 A Sunset Boulevard
Balance your chi and relax ever so deeply with an Asian medical approach that focuses on improving both physical and mental health. Feeling zen yet? It’s time for tea.

Walk back up the short hill to…

5. Chin Chin

8618 Sunset Boulevard
Sip on tea served formally out of actual teapots—absolutely darling—as you take stock of your spa walk so far. You’ve pampered your body with yoga, massages and acupuncture so far—now it’s time to focus on that gorgeous face.

Time for a hidden Wehoan secret shortcut—stroll down the hill to Santa Monica Boulevard though some swank WeHo ‘hoods and you’ll find yourself back at the “Spa Alcove” where you were for your yoga class, massage and acupuncture.

Walk across the parking lot (to your right) toward the giant pine tree to a set of stairs. Go down the stairs and across the second parking lot to the south end. You’ll see another set of stairs (between the tall light posts). Walk down those stairs to Holloway Boulevard.

Cross Holloway Drive to Westmount Dr. which is directly across the street.

BUT—no jaywalking! Cross at the light at Alta Loma Road on your left (to avoid a hefty jaywalking fine—more money for facials!) and come back going west to Westmount Drive.

Walk down the hill on Westmount Drive until it intersects with West Knoll Drive. You’ve found yourself in a picturesque WeHo roundabout. Look around—the middle of it is a tiled art structure surrounded by flowers. Take in the beauty for a moment (yes, this is a required part of your spa walk!) Keep heading down Westmount Drive to Santa Monica Boulevard to the facial salons.

When you get to The Boulevard, you’ve got some outstanding options to choose from. WeHo is filled with a lot of fabulous salons. We hand-picked two for the Spa Walk.

Go right on Santa Monica Boulevard to…

6. Face Place

8701 Santa Monica Boulevard
They specialize in one skin treatment for the face, back and feet. You might spot celebs like Hillary Duff, Laura Dern, and Anne Hathaway getting a little pampering right next to you…no big deal.


Go left on Santa Monica Boulevard to…

7. Smooth Cheeks Facial Salon

8543 Santa Monica Boulevard Suite 14
Walk into the courtyard and up the stairs. For a quick, inexpensive pick-me-up, opt for the mini-facial. Or, really treat your face to the more elaborate Microdermabrasion Skin Resurfacing.

After your facial, it’s time head back to Sunset Plaza…

If you’re at Smooth Cheeks, walk west on Santa Monica Boulevard to Westbourne Drive and turn right.

If you’re at Face Place start walking up the hill (Westbourne Drive. is on the corner).

For one last Spa Walk stop (we promise, you don’t want to miss this one)…walk a few feet up Westbourne Drive to…

8. V Wine Room

903 Westbourne Drive
Told ya you didn’t want to miss this one. Chillax with a glass of wine in hand, or go all out with a tasting—you deserve it.

Return to your hotel. 

Crash at your hotel for a quick power nap and get ready to show off your luminous head to toe look on the town tonight!

Keep in mind, most salons take walk-ins, and we recommend calling ahead to book your treatments.
Approximate distance roundtrip is less than 2 miles.

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