Chris Epting

Episode 15

Chris Epting

In this episode of the Creator’s Podcast, we sit down with the award-winning travel writer whose pen has graced over 45 books, sharing epic tales from the heart of West Hollywood. Chris recounts personal anecdotes from the colorful history that paints the streets of the Sunset Strip, shares insider tips on his favorite neighborhood gems, and dives deep into the well of pop culture expertise he’s renowned for. Chris Epting has penned works like “James Dean Died Here” and even collaborated with rock legends like John Oates, Leif Garrett, Phill Collne and The Doobie Brothers to share their journeys in memoirs that speak to the soul of every music enthusiast. Whether you’re looking to relive moments from the golden age of rock or find the next hidden spot for your LA exploration, don’t miss out on stories that connect past and present in West Hollywood.

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