Sarah Tiana

Episode 2

Inside the World of Laughter: Sarah Tiana Shares Her Journey with The Comedy Store

In this episode of the Creators Podcast, comedienne Sarah Tiana takes us, literally, inside the world of comedy. Going backstage at the iconic Comedy Store, she shares stories of her journey, and we learn why this venue has been so pivotal for the career of so many comedians. Walking the halls and rooms of The Comedy Store really is like walking through history, which is just one of the many reasons why Sarah chose it as the backdrop for her new special “44.” Laugh along with great stories and insider secrets from one of comedy’s brightest stars.

Plan Your Visit:

The Comedy Store

8433 Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA 90069


Learn More About Sarah Tiana:

Instagram: @sarahtiana

Twitter: @sarahtiana

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