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Edgy Coffee Shops You’ll Want to Stop For

Grab a coffee and stay a while. West Hollywood has a thriving coffee scene!

Californians sure do love their juice bars, but in the mornings, you’re just as likely to find us in a coffeehouse, kick-starting the day with fragrant, roasted caffeine.

Coffee culture is thriving in Los Angeles, and in West Hollywood, it’s not merely the drink that pulls in guests. The best here are rooted in a sense of community, with interesting, inviting interiors to foster lively conversations and conductive work meetings. These venues span from modern to rustic, with perks that range from fancy latte art to fast, free WiFi to local art for sale.

Madison & Park

One of the newest options in West Hollywood is Madison & Park, which opened in 2018 on Santa Monica Blvd. Walking in, you’re immediately hit with the design that feels more like a living room and less like a café. It’s built for you to stay for a while––from the chairs around the Persian rug to the long sofa against the wall. Walk up to the white marble counter for your order, and come hungry. The pastries are created by Cake Monkey daily and the Rose Latte is a fragrant, floral hit.

The Assembly

The Assembly is an independent, LGBTQ and woman-owned specialty coffee shop in the heart of the West Hollywood Design District,” offers Owner Shi Jun Ng. “My goal in opening was to create an inviting space for the community, where coffee serves as the invitation to gather and engage in meaningful conversation and exchange.”

That mission has been realized ten-fold, and you’ll find a personal connection with the Design District here, thanks to their Artist-in-Residence program, the Poketo retail section and the on-site collaboration with local landscape company, Plant Ground Bloom. The art and the plants are all for sale, in addition to the rotating list of coffees and signature drinks, like the Black Pepper Latte and the outstanding, single-origin Matcha.

Dialog Café

Opened in 2007 as a simple, small, mom-and-pop family operation, Dialog has grown into a neighborhood hotspot. “We now feed and caffeinate a large population of West Hollywood locals and businesses,” offers Owner Todd Ghazalian. “To us, they’re all family.”

The menu includes a heavy, heartfelt focus on espresso, provided a collaboration with Stereoscope. The delicious syrups are all made in-house and definitely opt for a Honey Oat Cappuccino, if it’s your first visit. It is espresso based, made with oat milk, raw honey, topped with cinnamon and served either iced or hot.

Verve Coffee Roasters

Come for the coffee, stay for the Avocado Toast. It’s not their official slogan, but it rings true nonetheless. That lauded breakfast is creamy and rich, topped with cultured butter, sliced shallot, chives and radish. Verve also serves plenty of single-origin coffee, as well as an outstanding Honey Lavender Draft Latte.

The vibe is light and airy, with bleached wood accents, lofty ceilings, cozy banquettes and chevron planked floors.

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